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Since the establishment in 2005, Online Marketing Leader has dedicated its effort to develop a wide range of courses in two modules, namely, online marketing and fashion wholesale. Blending hands-on training with appropriate amount of theory, curriculum is designed on the principles of learning by doing and lessons are made as practical, applicable and purposeful to real life as possible. Each student will be given the opportunity to work on simulating situation because the foundation is to encourage student to learn the skills by doing as we believe practice makes perfect. Each of the two modules comprises many short courses as follows:

1. Online Marketing Module

Starting a Small Business Online with Zero Investment
eBay Auction Sniper
How to Make Money Online by Writing Blogs
Building Your Own eShop
Building an Online Boutique
eCommerce Certificate Course
Certificate course of Online Marketing
Facebook Marketing
How to Start a Small Shop

2. Fashion Wholesale Module

Korea Fashion Wholesale
Korea Children Fashion Wholesale
Guangzhou Ladies and Childrens Fashion Wholesale
Guangzhou Gifts and Fashion Accessories Wholesale
Dongguan Humen Fashion Wholesale
Guangzhou Ladies Fashion and Fashion Accessories Wholesale



1. Online Marketing Module

The objective of this module is to teach students to think in a whole new prospective and run a business with little or even no capital on the internet. Steering away from the traditional, students are taught to think outside the box and interpret entrepreneurship in a whole new angle.

Although the topic of online marketing is still a mystery to many people, it has already been extremely popular in many parts of the world. Not only the online business generated billions of dollars in profit each year but also helped many people become millionaires in a very short time.

With an aim to solve the mystery of online marketing and gain real insight into the state-of-the-art information technology, short courses such as Building an Online Boutique, eBay Auction Sniper and Facebook Marketing were quickly introduced after the launch of Starting a Small Business Online with Zero Investment five years ago. All of these courses received favorable responses when they were first introduced. Participants who had no previous exposure in internet marketing were amazed by all the latest tools used by internet marketers after they completed the courses.

Walked away with loads of practical and technical information of the latest methods on how to run a business on the internet, our students were eager to learn more; dig deeper and immediately requested to attend courses in the advanced level. Our online marketing courses always ended in excitement and joy as participants were eager to take the package with them to try it at home to make some real money. The encouraging responses provided the opportunity for Online Marketing Leader to develop more courses for different people to suit their diversified needs. Course on Affiliate marketing will be out soon as a result.

The Strengths of the Online Marketing Business

As people were greatly flattered by the sophisticated tools used in online marketing, they appreciated even more of its characteristics because it was no longer necessary to deal with customers in person and face-to-face, creating a rejection free environment. More importantly, without a physical location, one can sell thousands of products at the same time and yet, make a full time living. These are only a few of the advantages of operating an online business.  The list can go on. The best part is business can be run in any part of the world as long as there is an internet connection. Employees are considered obsolete because business can be run on autopilot at 24/7/365 even when one is sleeping or on vacation. There are many other benefits which a “brick and mortar business” cannot offer.


2. Fashion Wholesale Module

Although online marketing and fashion wholesale are two individual modules, some contents in both are interrelated. Many students take courses in fashion wholesale as an introductory level. Having learnt how to search for reliable wholesalers and quality products in the wholesale market, students move on to take courses on online marketing in which they learn about skills of online selling and online marketing. As the two modules are independent in nature, students can choose to take any course in any module at any time without sitting for a prerequisite subject.

Among all the fashion wholesale courses, the Guangzhou Fashion Wholesale, offering extensive hands-on experience and on-site training, is particularly popular and the mot acclaimed one as it is the first of its kinds in Hong Kong. As to maximize the learning experiences for our students, classes are conducted at the Guangzhou Fashion Wholesale complex so that students can have the opportunity to see the actual operation of the wholesale industry which generates millions of dollars each year for the China garment industry.  The continuation of questing for more knowledge from our students leads to the development of more wholesale courses. Dongguan Humen Fashion Wholesale was introduced about 1 year later as a result.  


Our Experience

According to our experience, many people wanted to start their own business but the initial capital required for the investment was always one of their major concerns. Even though they have been sick and tired of their 9 to 5 jobs, they worried about: 

1. Not having enough start-up capital.
2. Not able to support themselves while operating a small business.
3. The utilities required for running their business, in particular, the skyrocketing rent.
4. The tedious legal procedures for the start-up.

Discouraging enough but the truth is one can extend this list for miles long. So, people stopped thinking further and the idea which could have generated million dollars dropped without even making an attempt!

Back in the old days, an idea alone is not quite enough and starting a small business requires substantial amount of capital for backing.  Saving up a large amount of money can take months if not years. Owing an enterprise therefore becomes the exclusively right to those who can afford to spend. It seems that the catchphrase of “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” can never be wrong. The less fortunate always loops in the vicious circle. This economic inequality can go on or even increase over time. But now, the situation has changed 180 degree and one can start a small business without the help of others and certainly, little or even no capital. No upfront costs are the beauty of the online business. The opportunity for a regular guy to become a millionaire is much higher than 20 or 30 years ago.


A Smart Way to Make a Millionaire Dollar

So, if you are tired of taking orders from someone else, starting your own online business is perhaps the way out. Capital is no longer a concern as there are all the latest state-of-the-art tools to help you beat the odds and become a millionaire. The answer to this lies beneath the concept of online marketing – a brand new way to operate a business in the 21st century and beyond. Nevertheless, there is no over night magic and one must work very hard and dig deep to find the hidden treasures.

“Dig deep and hard” is indeed our motto. Having had extensive opportunities to teach the subject on online marketing, our team of professionals also possessed over 15 years of business and marketing experiences. In designing and developing courses, Online Marketing Leader is of the view that our students should only spend limited amount of capital in starting a small business but still, be able to make it big. Therefore, contents are prepared as practical as possible. By the same token, we believe these courses can also create hope for those who have been unemployed for a long time as they can use this golden opportunity for a rebound. Why beg others for a job that can only pay for your monthly expenses when you can spend as little as $1,000 and have your own business and be your own boss with infinite business opportunities.  




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